The Pros and Cons of Cyber Communication

Topics: Internet, Instant messaging, Communication Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: January 3, 2011
Cyber Communication: Progress or Problem?
By Chevanie Bailey©2011

Cyber communication can be defined as the interaction between individuals via the internet or over the World Wide Web. According to the Little Oxford dictionary the word “progress” is defined as ‘improving or developing’, the word “problem” is defined by the same source as, ‘something that is difficult to deal with or to understand’. Interaction by way of cyber communication has many advantages but also, many disadvantages. Cyberspace, throughout the past few years, has been home to many child molesters, child stalkers, kidnappers, and rapists, who are able to reach into the lives of innocents through chat lines and other communication sites, lure them from their homes and molest, kill or kidnap them. According to the U.S.A’s National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, “one in seven youths (10-17yrs) have received a sexual solicitation or approach over the internet and thirty- four percent (34%) had unwanted encounter to sexual materials, introduced to them by the pedifiles. As cyber communication becomes more widespread, the use of e-mail, text messaging, instant messaging and the number of social networking sites such as Facebook, Tagged, Hi5, and MySpace, proliferates, resulting in another problem- the loss of jobs. As these forms of cyber communication are used more often, the need to send letters through postal services will be reduced. This poses a problem for postal workers as there will not be enough revenue entering the organization and as such there will be a lack of funds to pay workers. In addition, university or college lecturers are also affected by this, as the use of ‘skpe’ or ’webcams’ becomes more popular. This form of cyber communication allows both parties regardless of their location to see and hear each other, as if interacting ‘person to person’, thus one individual is able to do the job of one thousand. Another problem associated with cyber communication is...
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