The Price of a Teenage Life

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The Price of a Teenage Life
Daysha Jones
Eng Comp II
Dr. Cobb
November 23, 2009

The Price of a Teenage Life
Prostitution is known for being a legal act done by women late at night, or sometimes during the board daylight. It’s known for being an international issue of young girls getting sold to the highest bidder, but it’s flooding the streets of America. As stated by Fang that, “trafficking in children for sex was once thought to be a problem beyond America's borders. But the FBI and the Justice Department have now started focusing intently on the issue--and what they've found is shocking, and that thousands of girls and boys are falling victim to violent pimps, who move them from state to state, which makes it a federal matter.” (Fang, B 2005) The faces of prostitution have changed their getting younger and younger. They are our daughters, nieces, cousins, sisters, and they are being taken advantage of every night by men who are old enough to be the dads and grandfathers. Even though they get into it as victims they don’t have to live their life out as one. They have to know that there is a safe haven out there ready to help them become a teenager again. Places that will give them a second chance at life, not just beat them down for what that been through, but help them get over that time in their lives.

There are estimated about 300,000 exploited and victimized children in America. About 40% of them are under the age of seventeen. This number continues to grow every day, because they number of runaways and kidnapped children continue to grow. There’s no face of prostitution, any racial or religious background, or ethnic group can be prone to prostitution. Some teens get into prostitution for a number of reasons, such as being kidnapped and forced into to it by a pimp. Pimps have a different look now they use to have huge suits and hats with feathers, now they have thuggish mentality, belong to gangs and are much younger. The pimp mostly starts exploiting girls because they figure that with selling drugs is too much of the risk because the dirt is on their hands. But with prostituting girls they feel that the girls are the one doing it and the girls won’t rat on them. Technology has made it a lot easier for pimps and older men to prey on younger girls, because of the various social networks and chat rooms that aren’t monitored by parents, even with cell phones that aren’t checked by parents. The pimp manipulate them and make them seem that they are they are the only person who loves them, and lures them with promise of lots of money, clothes, and other things. Their stories are heroic because they have to endure so much from those pimps. The countless of times they are raped and beaten, and made to feel like they are the lowest species on the earth. They control these girls to the point of no return, in which causes them to lose all sense of reality, self esteem, and identity of who they use to be, with every john they perform a service on the more and more they lose that sense of self. Their pimps abused them for any little disrespect or what they think is insolence, such as the hostile treatment stated by Green (2009) of the horrendous punishments they had to endure for little things like, “looking at other men who wasn’t their pimp or their john then they would get the punishment which entitles a girl being forced to strip down naked and ordered in a cold shower and then beaten with a belt, and after that his gang-member friends took turns raping her.” Some of the pimps did a lot worse things than that to pressure them into to staying with them, which made them terrified to even think about leaving because they know that their pimps and their friends are capable of doing to them if that ever thought about it.

Runaways are more prone to prostitution than any other teen. It’s easier for a pimp to recruit them because they are already feeling alone and thinks that no one loves them or is looking for...

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