The Pretenders

Topics: Poverty, Love, Marriage Pages: 11 (3264 words) Published: January 19, 2010
The Pretenders
F. Sionil Jose

A Novel Analysis

Presented to
Ms. Fe Fulgencio

As a class standing component
In English 6

Patricia Marie B. Cabitac
March 7, 2008
I. The Characters

❖ Antonio “Tony” Samson
– Husband of Carmen Villa, brother of manang Betty ❖ Carmen Villa
– Wife of Antonio Samson
❖ Manang Betty
– Sister of Antonio Samson
❖ Manong Bert
– Husband of manang Betty
❖ Don Manuel Villa
– Father of Carmen Villa
❖ Mrs. Villa
– Wife of Don Manual, mother of Carmen Villa ❖ Lawrence Bitfogel
– A good friend of Antonio Samson whom he met in America ❖ Emy
– Cousin and first love of Antonio Samson ❖ Pepe
– Son of Emy
❖ Bettina
– Sister of Emy
❖ Ben De Jesus
– Partner in business of Don Manuel Villa, husband of Nena De Jesus, friend of Carmen Villa ❖ Nena De Jesus
– Best friend of Carmen Villa, wife of Ben De Jesus ❖ Mr. Samson
– Father of Antonio and Betty Samson ❖ Istak/ Eustaquio
– Grandfather of Antonio Samson
❖ Godo Soler
– A good friend of Antonio Samson in Antipolo who is a journalist ❖ Linda
– Godo’s wife
❖ Charlie
– A good friend of Antonio Samson in Antipolo who is also a journalist ❖ Dean Lopez
– Dean in the university where Antonio Samson used to work ❖ Dr. Gomez
– A professor in the university, an expertise on government

❖ Dr. Santos
– Another professor in oriental history on the same university ❖ Senator Reyes
– Partner in his business of Don Manuel Villa ❖ Alfred Dangmount
– Partner in his business of Don Manuel Villa ❖ Saito San
- Partner in his business of Don Manuel Villa ❖ Father Brown
– Priest who presided in Carmen and Antonio’s marriage ❖ Johnny Lee
– A member of BOD, partner in business of Don Manuel Villa ❖ Bastian
– One of the guards where the father of Antonio Samson stayed and to whom he was called “Ama” ❖ Julia
– One of the maids in the house of the Villas ❖ Simang
– The woman who accompanied Antonio and Carmen when they went to Rosales to look for his root ❖ Fely
- Secretary of Antonio Samson
❖ Miss Josephine Tinio
- Professor of Antonio, Godo and Charlie ❖ Angel
- Engineering student from Iloilo, batch mate of Tony, Charlie and Godo ❖ Jacinto
- Sturdy peasant from Nueva Ecija, batch mate of Tony, Charlie and Godo

II. Summary

The story of the novel “the pretenders” by f. Sionil Jose is all about Antonio “Tony” Samson’s search for in his life. He not only searched for his roots but also for appropriate actions toward a bereaved society, such as...
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