The Pressure of Being the Youngest Child

Topics: Birth order, Sibling, Family Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: September 15, 2015


There are lot of pressures for most of them in the world, but being the youngest child in the family could also be one the biggest pressure for some of them in their life. Being the youngest child in the family could be of more disadvantage than advantages. The disadvantage of being the youngest child is, no one really cares what the child does. Because the fact that the youngest child is not been given attention, they has to think and do everything for themselves without any proper guidance and motivation. As the matter of fact it has been an unidentified pressure for many people who are the youngest child in their family. Being the youngest child, parents start to eliminate the child’s opinions in family matters, thinking that the child could not possibly understand or is not mature enough to give an opinion about family matters. No matter how old the youngest child is they are always young to everything and everyone in the family. Due to lack of motivation and support to the youngest child they start to lose self-confidence and will not be able to achieve their goals or passion in their life. Being the youngest sibling is also a big pressure, because no matter what the elder siblings do they get the appreciated and the young one’s get depreciated. Even though the fault is the elder sibling’s, parents blame the youngest child for even just getting know the mistake done by the elder. The youngest always end up depressed at the end of each and every day, because he is always immature to everyone in the family and don’t have time to care for him. As the matter of fact being the youngest child could be the reason why they end up living lonely all the time. As per the survey of depressed children, they mostly are the youngest one the family. The survey also shows that children who are in the dormitories and living outside their home.
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