The Portryal of Women

Topics: Suffering, Emotion, Ulster Cycle Pages: 2 (792 words) Published: April 25, 2011
The Portryal of Women in
The Exile of The Son’s of Uisliu and The Wife’s Lament.

Throughout history women have been degraded through several different facets of life. Despite their prominent roles in life that women hold, they are still seen as objects in the eyes of men. In this essay one will prove that the main female characters in the The Exile of the Son’s of Uisliu and The Wife’s Lament are a representation of women being seen as objects with no control over any circumstances in their life. This also includes any female emotions they might encounter such as pain, sorrow and frustration leading them to surrender. In Exile of the Son’s of Uisliu, Derdriu’s destiny was already determined while she was in the womb. She was raised apart from everyone else and isolated from the world. After she was born all of her power was taken in the hands of society. She was fully under the control of Conchobor, as he announced “This Woman I’ll keep to myself”(131). As only being seen as an object the types of men she was introduced to would never love her, but would take control of her and battle for her ownership. The full year she was taken under Conchobor’s control she never gave one smile, she had no strength to eat or sleep, or even lift her head from her knees. At this time, Derdriu was taken full advantage of the most by being degraded and raped repetitively by Conchobor and Eogan. Despite the men that Derdriu has been through, no one captured her feelings as much as Noisiu. This is where Derdriu had taken it upon herself to have Noisiu convince Conchobor allow them to escape together. Since Conchobar made no exceptions, Derdriu urged Noisiu to return home where she would remain unprotected. In order for this physical and mental pain she was experiencing to stop, she was left nothing more but to kill herself. One of her last words spoken was, “Break my heart no more today, In a short while I’ll be no more, Grief is heavier than the sea, If you were but wise,...
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