The Piano Lesson

Topics: School corporal punishment, Mississippi State Penitentiary, Piano Pages: 3 (1125 words) Published: December 9, 2008
The Piano Lesson Production
The Piano Lesson, written by August Wilson and directed by Lou Bellamy is placed in the 1930’s and is about an African American family haunted by American slavery. The play mainly focuses on a piano that has been in this African American family for decades. The piano represents strength and courage. During the production not every single scene and line in the playwright was included in the production. It was not actually needed because the actors were really able to get the meaning across through other aspects. It is his escape from the burden of having to work for someone else. Although he does want to make something of himself, it does not mean he has good or bad intentions. To Bernice the piano holds the will of her family. To some characters in the play particularly one, Boy Willie the piano represents his key to freedom. Although he does want to make something of himself, it does not mean he has just good or just bad intentions. The portrayal of Boy Willie in the production is similar to the character in the play. In the production Boy Willie is one of the more leading characters compared to other characters. Between Lymon and Boy Willie, Boy Willie is the more dominate one. In the beginning of the production, when the two men arrived at Doaker and Bernice’s home Boy Willie keeps asking Doaker for some alcohol he knows that Doaker keeps in his room. When Doaker brings out the alcohol he tells Doaker not to give any to Lymon because he does not know the good kind of alcohol. In that it scene Boy Willie seems somewhat selfish, in the way he was grabbing the bottle before Lymon had a chance too. Following this particular scene, while Doaker is making breakfast for himself Boy Willie keeps hassling Doaker to give him some of the breakfast. Doaker does give in and gives it to Boy Willie. Boy Willie asks Lymon if he wants some also and holds it out to his friend but then proceeds to pull it back, kind of in a...

Cited: Oshinsky, David. "Black Annie at Parchman Prison Farm, Mississippi." World Corporal Punishment Research. Corpun. 10 Mar 2008 .
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