The Philippines Digital Broadcasting Situation

Topics: Digital television, IPTV, Satellite television Pages: 3 (456 words) Published: October 26, 2010
Trends in Digital Television

The world is shifting to digital TV broadcasting. The target for the Philippines is December, 2015

The delivery of digital television consists of the following medium: Free to air broadcasting
Direct-to-home via satellite
Digital CATV
Open Internet

The Asia-Pacific Region will lead the world in IPTV usage in the next 5 years

Cost of digital set-top boxes are fast declining

High definition and digital TV are pulling entertainment expenses into living rooms

LCD digital TVs are now outpacing plasma TVs

Digital TV systems are now enhancing multimedia plays

While multimedia plays in both analog and digital systems are still in search of the right business models, entertainment content continues to generate new opportunities

Digital Television standards vary in resolution, aspect ratios, scanning frequencies, interlacing and frame rates

C. Philippine Digital Terrestrial TV Standard

NTC MC. No. 02-06-2010 prescribed ISDB-T as national DTTV standard

This will cover FTA and WCATV operators

This will affect the standards deployed in digital TV sets which contain internal receivers/decoders

This will also affect deployment of STBs

II. Status of TV Digitalization in the Philippines

A. Broadcast Operators

Major broadcast networks are now testing their ISDB-T transmitters

Eagle Broadcasting (GEM NET) is also conducting digital test broadcast

Non-CAS STBs will be required when FTA Broadcasters start multicast digital broadcasts

B. Direct – to – Home Satellite TV

Cignal, Dream and G-SAT currently offer digital TV via satellite under various service packages

HD content are also offered by some DTH operators on MPEG- 4STBs

Economic size is still significant due to the cost of satellite space segment

C. Cable TV Operators

Some CATV operators (Sky Cable, PARASAT, SCN, Fil Products) have deployed digital CATV...
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