The Other Boleyn Girl

Topics: Henry VIII of England, Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: May 4, 2013
The Other Boleyn Girl
By: Kelsey Hardy
The Other Boleyn Girl is about the lives of Mary and Anne Boleyn. It tells the tale of how an ambitious family uses their daughters to receive wealth and status by exploiting them to the King of England, Henry the VIII. First Mary is sent to seduce the King, when she becomes pregnant, her parents think they have achieved what they set out to do, but Anne comes back from France and sets about seducing the King for her own. She does this somewhat successfully but then he becomes enraged at her and rapes her. She becomes pregnant with a daughter, who later becomes Queen Elizabeth. She is later executed because of rumors of incest with her brother. This paper is going to tell about how the movie meets up with the facts.

The story that the director is trying to tell it the story of Anne and Mary Boleyn and how they tried to seduce Henry the VIII for their own. I feel like the director does tell the story of the seduction of King Henry VIII effectively but does not effectively tell the story of Mary, because the book was written about Mary Boleyn, but the film is more about Anne. He took his script from the book of the same name by Philippa Gregory, who is a British history writer. He uses genuine costumes to give it that Tudor style feeling. This movie was made because of the interest the book sparked for the period.

Some scenes that depict the directors story are, the scene showing how Catherine of Aragon is blamed by the King for not producing a heir, the plotting by the duke of Norfolk to seduce the king with Thomas Boleyn’s daughter, any scene that shows Anne and Mary seducing the King, the scenes that show the pregnancies, scenes that show Anne pressuring the king to break from the church, the scene showing the incest, the scenes where Mary pleads for her siblings lives, and the scene showing the execution. They are important because they are the main moments that without them, the story wouldn’t make sense. I...

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