The Notebook

Topics: Love, Romance, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 4 (1451 words) Published: December 13, 2012
The Notebook

The Notebook he tells about the love between a man and a woman, from when they met as teenagers until they are in a nursing home, trying to overcome the trials of Alzheimer’s and loss of memory. Throughout the story it is clear that they love each other deeply. I read the book and watched the movie version of this touching story. There was one thing that I found surprising, that I enjoyed the movie more than I did the book, which is rare for me. When I have watched other movie versions of a book, I found that the book had so much more depth and character than the movie version did. In this case I found the opposite occurred. That in the movie format The Notebook had characters that had so much more depth and emotion than the book version. Also, the parts that the director’s and producers added to the movie did not take away from the story; instead it enhanced the whole piece.

As I mentioned earlier the story describes the lives of a couple’s life from the time they fell in love as teenagers, until they are both in their later years. The Notebook, spans two different spans of time. Alternating between memories, of teenage versions of Allie and Noah the main characters, to older versions of the couple. At first it is not clear if the two timelines are related through characters or stories, until the reader realizes that the common thread in both spans of time is a notebook that is being read by an elderly male character to a sickly female character. From the beginning of the story it is clear that this elderly male character name, “Duke” cares deeply for the female character. She seems lost and confused. The story that he reads to her is from this notebook, it tells of a young couple from different social classes and the impossibility for them to be together. However, they continue to stay in love throughout the years and miles between the two. It is soon becomes clear to the reader that “Duke” does not just care for the lost elderly lady, but...
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