The Nose- Major Kovalev

Topics: Nikolai Gogol, Emotion, Dmitri Shostakovich Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Literary Criticism
We never know what might happen tomorrow or the future but have you ever thought of losing your nose mysteriously and imagined it coming to reality? Unfortunately, in the surrealist story “The Nose” by Nikolai Gogol, a collegiate assessor named Major Kovalev with an unbounded astonishment discovered that his nose was missing from its natural spot. Major Kovalev was shocked, frightened and sober just like any other person would naturally behave or react about a missing nose. Kovalev is a respectful man who walked Nevsky Prospect on a daily routine and was ultimately a ladies man. Major Kovalev is a realistic character because he has a determined spirit, shows human emotion, and an overly self confident demeanor.

Most people don’t necessarily have a determined act of walking out to go find their missing nose. It is pretty unbelievable for a nose to just come off magically without a person getting hurt or seeing blood gushing out from the face. Major Kovalev woke to check the pimple that had broken out the other night before with a mirror, but felt a flat surface and realized his nose missing. He was strongly determined to go find it out there even though he didn’t know its whereabouts. Kovalev then saw his nose getting down from a carriage walking into the Karzan cathedral and hurriedly chased after, but while getting close to the nose with a brave heart he didn’t know how to approach it. The nose denied knowing him and walked away from Kovalev, so Major Kovalev kept moving on and went to the newspaper station to place an advertisement about his missing nose.

As a normal person would behave if any part of their body were mysteriously missing especially their nose, they probably would get scared or freaked out. That is also how Major Kovalev when he discovered his nose was missing from its natural spot. He was afraid that something evil had happened to him so early in the morning. Kovalev thought it was all a joke because he hasn’t seen or...
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