The New England Patriots: Making the Team

Topics: National Football League, New England Patriots, Super Bowl Pages: 3 (1183 words) Published: November 16, 2011
American football is one of the most popular games played and followed in United States. Many believe it to be No. 1 sport in North America and take it as religion than sports. It is dream of majority of youngster to pursue their careers in American football, as it is source of wealth and glory. To attain a successful career one has to play this game before he is 14. He has to be part of High School League, College League, and eventually National Football League (NFL). NFL is the highest level of professional American football in United States. There are 32 teams at any time playing for NFL. Although NFL hosts several games all round the year but Super Bowl is undoubtedly the most popular game of the year. It is the champion ship game for NFL played once a year. Because of its high number of followers, Super Bowl is the money-circulating event of the year. NFL players also consider winning Super Bowl as the glorious moment of their lives. The article, “The New England Patriots: Making the Team”, shares the story of a team, New England aka Patriots, part of NFL. The reading touches how salary cap agreement created problems for all NFL teams and is centered on how effective team building helped Patriots to come over these issues and become Super Bowl champions second time in three years. The NFL Salary Cap

Starting 1994, NFL implemented Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to impose salary cap on all teams. According to this agreement, NFL determined max amount that every team use as salary for all players combined. Teams compensate players for NFL in three ways: annual salary, incentive pay, and signing bonus money. Annual salary counts against the max cap allowed. Signing up bonus, assigned to player, is scattered evenly for the duration of contract and only specific year amount count towards max cap amount. Incentive pay is performance and achievement based and counts in the year rewarded. Imposing salary cap constrained NFL teams in several ways. It became...
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