The Neuromuscular Junction

Topics: Acetylcholine, Neuromuscular junction, Action potential Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: August 26, 2010
The Neuromuscular Junction by:
Dominique Latham
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A neuromuscular junction is a place in the body where the axons of motor nerves meet the muscle, thus transmitting messages from the brain which cause the muscle to contract and relax. Every organism has thousands of neuromuscular joints which are the locations and means by which the motor neuron of the nervous system that instructs the muscle cells of the muscular systems to take action. Action that , in turn lead to movements of muscles and other structures such as the tissues, bones, limbs that are controlled by muscles and it also causes the heart to beat. The neuromuscular joint is one of many connects made between nerves and other parts of the body which result in a successfully functioning organism. The neuromuscular junction is crucial for life and begin forming early in fetal development. As motor neurons develop, a protein called agrin is made. This stimulates the formation of a muscle specific kinase, which will build receptors for acetylcholine on the surface of the muscle fiber. Thus a neuromuscular junction is formed, with the neuron itself emitting the needed chemical for development. A neuromuscular joint begins with a neuron or nerve cell. Neurons also have long tails called an axon which terminated in dendrites, a bundle of fibers which can transmit chemicals to the next neuron. In the instance of a neuromuscular joint, a neuron can control many muscles, but each muscle can only respond to one neuron. Each muscle is individually stimulated by a motor neuron In order for muscles cells to contract. Nerve impulse traveling down the motor neuron of the sensory somatic branch of the nervous system causes the skeletal muscle fibers at which they terminate to contract. The junction between the terminal of the motor neuron and a fiber muscle is called a neuromuscular junction. The impulse reaches the terminal end of the motor neuron and breaks open the synaptic vesicles, releasing the...
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