The Negative Effects of Stereotyping

Topics: Stereotype, Prejudice, Cliché Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: May 5, 2013
When stereotyping is active amongst groups in society there aren’t too many positive aspects that would be able to be explored. There are many negatives that can be taken away when people begin to stereotype others, without truly understanding or knowing who they really are. When people are stereotyped they are considered to be exactly the same as the rest, regardless of the facts of who they really are. Stereotyping alone has the ability to separate society as a whole and will most likely lead to all different types of people always staying on their toes and staying conscious and concerned about what other people may think of them and may lead to those people always staying closed off instead of open and allowing people to get to know and truly understand them.

As a society as a whole, it is hard for people to get to know each other when they are constantly being judged and constantly being looked at in certain ways instead of others allowing them the opportunity to get to know them and understand them. I’m sure that everyone has been open to understanding what exact stereotypes of certain people are and they have most likely also been stereotyped themselves. It wouldn’t be considered fair if people were constantly compared to stereotypes and treated as if they were the main reason why stereotypes existed today. Once stereotypes are introduced to one single person, only more bad things will continue to occur and society will ultimately pay the price.

Stereotyping people single handedly has the ability to separate society as a whole. Once stereotypes begin to take over the way that people both think and talk about others, there is almost no possible ways for people to overcome those stereotypes and the way that people will automatically view them. It is important that people understand and have the ability to put themselves in the shoes of other people when it comes to certain aspects such as stereotyping, to understand what it would be like to be...
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