The Need for Social Accountability of Higher Education Institutions

Topics: Higher education, Sociology, Education Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: August 16, 2011


The societal commitment to the Higher Education is highly discussed and the public contributions and budgetary allocations are brought to the light at every viewpoint of economic and personal empowerment. Whether this social commitment stops with graduating individuals every year or does this target to the needs of community and the needs of the employer is a big question to be answered. The significant roles of Higher Education Institutions are increasingly instrumental over social and economic development. And the basis of accreditation of Higher Educational Institutions is quality, equity, Relevance and Cost Effectiveness and the analyses of its functions of Education, Research and Service. But it should also take into account the Social accountability of the Institutions. The expectations of the public over the Higher Education Institutions does not stop with its preparatory role but as catalysts to enable the youth to address the present and future needs of human resource together with the character formation. The role of educational institutions beyond developing the personal is also to identify the relevance and need of the community and industries to lead youth towards sustainable development of social and economic aspects of a Nation. Even more as mentioned by the UNESCO the social responsibility of the Higher Educational Institutions is to take the anticipatory role of “Observatories and Think Tanks” in order to foresee the future trends through research and theoretical frameworks to predict and control major crisis in the world. The Social Accountability of Higher Educational Institutions will justify the public investment and the trust people have on the Higher Education.

Mr. Christi Anandan M.S.W., M.B.A., Ph.d.
Assistant Professor,
P.G. & Research Department of Social Work,
Sacred Heart College (Autonomous)
Tirupattur – 635 6013
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