The Nature of Team

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In the twenty first century, individual legendaries seem to decreasing due to highly competitive world. Unlike few decades ago, there are great numbers of legendaries which hard work leads our world to a better life. Examples of individual legendaries are the two greatest scientist of all time which are Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. However, in our current century, solo is not a good choice due to almost everyone receiving the same knowledge and having difficulties to break through to the outer box. Therefore, people choose to work as a team. In a team, there will be a lot of chance to create infinity indefinite possibilities. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are good examples. They cannot complete their Microsoft and Apple without the help of others.

Definition of Team

A team is any form of group whether it is intentionally or through coincidence happens to work together needing the help of one another in order to accomplish their goals. Team is made either for short term or a long run interaction. According to Susan (, long lasting operational team which last very long in order to complete their task or accomplish their goals includes product development group, soccer team, management team and almost all sorts of teams in organisation. Team that interview new employees, team that answer customer’s complaints and team that hold a vacation to Maldives are included in as examples in short term groups which will disband after the purpose is done. There will be a possibility for them to get back together but there is also possibility that they will not.

Differences between Team and Group

A lot people misunderstand that groups and teams are the same. However, the fact is groups and teams are not the same thing. Team is one type of group and can be classified as a specific type of group. Work group is a group of people that share information with one another and decide choices to help others member to excel or succeed in the task their given. Less opportunity for work group to be together in work and so individual contribution is far greater than combined work. There will be only slim chance of positive synergy to create better performance than the sum of inputs.

Work team able to generate more positive synergy by combined effort. Team will get a higher level of member’s commitment towards the task to achieve. The advantage of team is individual in the team will put the benefit of their team ahead of their personal advantage. Members will try their best to perform well and be recognised as one of the team. Eagerness and persistent of members to succeed eventually will lead them to a higher achievement of their goal. Their efforts will result in more synergy and higher chance to achieve a greater performance that will stun the whole world.

Different Types of Team

Work team is the type of team which need to use brain thinking most when discussing subject. Team members are working units which are having the full responsible in charge to complete their tasks or goals. According to Stephen (2001, pg.330), clothing manufacture, doctor and nursing team, audit group and also mining crew are examples of work teams. Basically, supervisors who are the one who will make decisions of what, who, when, where and how to do it. There are four common types of work teams easily found in an organisation.

First type is the problem solving team. A small group of member within range of five to twelve from the same department will meet once a week so as to discuss or solve problem in order to improve efficiency, quality and working environment. In this team, team members give comments, ideas, opinions, suggestion or load more for their work processes to improve. Bruce (2001, pg.330) stated that during 1980s, the most widely practised mode was quality circle. Quality circle is employee groups which meet very frequent to discuss solutions on their services, products and quality of...
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