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The Nature of Mankind

Dec 18, 2001 1658 Words
Society is based upon a set of rules created for all men and woman. It represents

that all people of all race, religion, and ethnicity should be treated equal. The unfortuante

part about society is that not all people do accept the fact that everybody is the same. You

wouldn't think that this has been going on for a very long time, but really, it has. It started

in the past, it still occurred
in the century I know best, the twentith century, and it is still

to this very present day. The nature of mankind is corrupt, it always has been and

it always will be. I believe that this is what will happen because based on the evidence I

have read, heard, and watched on television, the nature of mankind is bad.

Mankind led a hard life, men and women worked long, hard hours out in the fields,

just so that they would be able to survive. People knew one way of doing things, and the

thought of a different and easier way to do things was out of the question. So when it came

to the discoveries of certain things, people were outraged. This goes back to the early

1600's when Galileo Galilei was inventing and discovering. He came up with an invention,

the telescope, to see into the outer limits of the earth. He spent endless nights, and came

up with the conclusion that the moon was actually made up of craters, mountains, and jagged

surfaces. He announced to the public his discovery, and many people, including scientists,

were outragged. Galileo was put on trial for wrongful thinking. People did not accept the

fact that people were getting smarter, and the world was changing before their very eyes.

Mankind is unreasonable, right before them ideas were being brought forward, and all they

did was push them back down into the dirt. Pretty evil, the world was going to change

anyway, it was not going to stay the same. It goes to show what mankind is also like. For

example, if all of society is supposed to be equal, then why are nobles and the clergy only

allowed to have important jobs, and the peasants forced to dig in the dirt for back breaking

hours. Kings and or Queens controlled what people were to be doing, if they had to pay

taxes and who they had to pay. People did not agree with this type of system, the feudal

system, and therefore, revolutions would take place. People knew long ago that all of

mankind was not treated equal, so why didn't they change so that every one was? I don't

know how to answer that, but I do know that if people were treated equal then society would

probably not be the way it is today. People would have reasonable equality. It did start to

improve a bit, peasants were getting a little bit more slack, but nothing really changed,

people set themselves up for the idea that they were bad. It goes to show how much people

actually want change also. In the middle 1600's, Charles I was king. He needed money, so

he went to the Parliament, and they made him sign the Petition of Right. This made it so he

had limited power, but Charles I found a way around it and by 1642, the Parliament and him

created a civil war. The people won the war, and the king went down, the country was taken

over by a leader, Oliver Cromwell, who promised the people a better way of life, but this

unfortuantly did not last for very long. Cromwell had his own beliefs on how the country,

(England), should be run, but this soon got dimolished. People are horriably stupid, they

gave up on a new way of doing things so easily, they don't even give it a chance, but it also

goes to show that mankindis stupid for making society believe in things that aren't even


The twentith century was the decade that I know best about, to an extent. I know

that people did some pretty stupid things that would make you understand why mankind is

corrupt and stupid. One for example is that mankind is always fighting. Mostly for religious

beliefs, but there is also many other reasons why. People are going to war for unhealthy

reasons. In 1939, Germany decided to invade Poland, England and France demanded that

Germany take its troop out of Poland, and when Germany refused to do so, England and

France declared war on Germany. This started World War II. Germany wanted certain

pieces of land that did not belong to them, and after some time, Britain and France agreed

to let Germany have a part of Czechoslovakia. Germany said that this would be the last

territorial demand in Europe. Unfortuanetly this pact was broken, and war continued on.

The sad part about it was that thousands of innocent people were killed, and there was no

reason for it. The impression that people are good is not true, they are relatively evil.

There was no need for fighting, a rational decision could have been made, but all because of

and individual named Adolf Hitler, the world was put in great termoil. Nature of man is not

good, fighting for stupid reasons, that offends mankinds ability to think. Over the years, in

Zimbabwe, African Americans and Caucasian men and woman have been fighting over the

land. In the early part of the century, Caucasians' came in and kicked the African

Americans out of their country, but now the African American men and woman are kicking

the Caucasians out of the land. The land probably was rightfully owned by the African

Americans, but why can't everybody get along? Everybody is supposed to be equal, but yet,

people are fighting. This doesn't make mankind good, if we weren't bad, then we wouldn't

be fighting for stupid reasons. It's the same with the Israeli Malitia and Palestinians.

These two groups are fighting over the religions that they both believe in. Cause of the two

different religions, and all the fighting, the Israeli and Palestinians want to separate and

create two different countrys, but Israelis' want to keep the land that they are on, and

Palestinians want the other piece of this land. Unfortunately, Israel does not want to give this

land up to them, and the two separate
leaders will not meet to come up with negotiations,

and meanwhile, the Israeil and Palestinians are fighting. Innocent people are being killed,

all over the religions that both separate
groups believe in. People are all made up of the

same material, and yet, still fight because they think they are so different. Mankind is so

corrupt that it is not even funny. People are being killed and yet nobody does something to

stop this from occurring
. Something needs to be done about it, serious negotiations must be

made to stop the wars that are happening in our world, its the only thing that can be done, or

else mankind will always and still be know as bad.

Even to this very present day, people are fighting for some of the most horriable

reasons known, and yet it is the same reason over and over again, religion. At a school in

Belfast, Northern Ireland, the first day back to school for the Roman Catholic Holy Cross

Primary School. Girls had to walk through a Protestant neighborhood, but there was one

side effect, the Protestant men and woman threw rocks , bricks, bottles, and anything else

they could get their hands on. During the nights, rioters threw Molotov cocktails, (bombs),

at the Northern Ireland's police force. The motive for the attack? Little Catholic girls had

to walk through the neighbor hood to get to school. Pretty low, considering the fact that

these are little children. Mankind does not know what to do with itself, it almost seems like

they want to be labeled bad, but what for, it isn't changing society any faster. People need to

learn to cooperate and realize that everyone of us is equal. It hurts all of society when

people fight, like on September 11, 2001, a day no one will ever forget. The World Trade

Center in Manhattan, (New York City), and the Pentigon in Washington D.C., were attacked

by aeroplanes, who had crashed into them, and bombed also. Hundreds of people lost their

lives because of Afganistans Palestinians, who are believed to have attacked the U.S.A..

The U.S. has now declared war on Afganistan if they do not give up the main suspect, bin

Ladin. The whole world is involved with this unfortunate crime because there are so many

countries that help out the military for both of these countries. Its unfortuante that this is

going to occur, but it still shows that mankind is stupid, and from all the evidence that we

see every day, mankind is also very ignorant. Mankind is stupid for the things that they do,

not thinking before they act.

Every where you go, and every news clip or newspaper you read, there is

somewhere in the world, people fighting for reasons that only they understand. To

everybody else, it is just stupid, because the main reason that people fight, is over religion.

Society gets a picture painted for them, this picture represents evil and stupidity. No one

has to make stupid decisions, if thought out first and foremost , things will be prevented. If

people would have been able to accept the fact that the world was changing four hundred

years ago, then maybe society would not act the way they already do. Mankind now needs

to fix the problems that have been started so that this picture will not become a portrait, but

instead, wipe the slate clean.

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