The Most Dangerous Game: Zaroff

Topics: The Most Dangerous Game, Human, Hunting Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: January 8, 2011
In the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” the author, Richard Connell, does an outstanding job of portraying the bizarre adventure of an insane, however experienced hunter, General Zaroff. The protagonist, Rainsford, another experienced hunter from New York City, appears on General Zaroff’s island, explores, and eventually encounters with Zaroff. They introduce themselves, settle down, and begin to talk. During the talk with the general, Rainsford soon learns that the General was not only a hunter; but a murderer as well. Zaroff has lured and ceased many sailors to his island to play a game. Although, they did not hunt with the General, the General hunted them! Zaroff claimed that hunting “had become too easy”, therefore, hunting began to bore him (Connell 21).The General began to murder every single one of his victims as if he were actually hunting an animal. General Zaroff did not have any form of regretfulness or discomfort which clearly shows insanity. General Zaroff’s character is clearly sadistic and manipulative and makes the hunting of animals into a thrilling, immoral game of hunting of human life.

Zaroff is well kept and handsome; it appears as if he takes care of himself vigorously. He may seem noble but he is actually two-faced, arrogant, deceiving, and fearless. He lives life to please himself and he is able to do so because of his wealth. In his own conniving way, he is intelligent as he speaks in a sarcastic and almost innocent way, as if he really is. General Zaroff thinks, “The weak of the world were put here to give the strong pleasure,” (Connell). Zaroff believes that he as power over everybody and that he is the “strong”; so why shouldn’t he “use his gift”.(Connell 21) He pursues excitement in hunting, to do so he chooses to hunt a new animal which no animal could compare with it for an instant (Connell 21). Zaroff wants more then just a “hunt”; he wants a competition or an adventure of some sort. He wants the amusement of watching...

Cited: Connell, Richard. ”The Most Dangerous Game”. Elements of Literature. New York: Holt,
Rhinehart and Winston, 2003. 13-28.
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