The Most Dangerous Game

Topics: The Most Dangerous Game, Thought, Human hunting Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: March 8, 2013
The Most Dangerous Game

1. General Zaroff is not a credible character at all. He is the opposite and beyond evil. General hunts people and calls it a sport. That shows us his negative actions. Secondly General things that its alright for him to destroy the weak for his own pleasure. As he states “Life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and if need be, taken by the strong. The weak of the world were put here to give the strong pleasure. I am strong why should I not use my gift” that clearly implies that he wants pleasure from another persons pain. Last but not least When Rainsford escaped from the General he was mad, General was hoping to kill him.” Two slight annoyances kept him from perfect enjoyment. One was the thought that it would be difficult to replace Ivan, the other was that his quarry had escaped him” That also implies that he only cares about replacing his servants and having someone do things for him. General also created an island called “The Ship Trap” where giant rocks with razor edges crouch like a sea monster with wide-open jaws can crush a ship easily. The island is his trap for his hunt. Situations like this could unfold in today’s society for example people having too much greed and jealous and that can lead them going out of their way doing evil things to get what they want. For an example if there was an island with humans and no animals and we were starving I’m pretty sure we would hunt and kill the human and make them our meal. “ 2. General Zaroff hunts for the pleasure of it. He likes a challenge; he hunts the best and the brightest. When animals could no longer fulfill this role he moved on to humans. His ethics? He cares about nothing beyond what kill will be the most fun. The fact that he hunts and kills humans is an ethical issue, he as a hunter becomes hunted at the end.

3. Yes, I do agree that instinct is no match for reason because in the story humans give General Zaroff a challenge that no animal can,...
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