The Most Beautiful Woman

Topics: Beach, English-language films, Aquamarine Pages: 4 (1488 words) Published: November 14, 2012
The most beautiful woman anyone in the town of Buzios, Brazil had ever seen. Tan, dark, flawless skin like it was painted by an artist. Long, flowing, black hair similar to the beautiful Pocahontas. She had the most perfect figure, as if it was sculpted by the most talented of men. She only had one flaw that she refused to tell anyone about. She suffered with multiple personalities disorder. She had her loyal, peaceful, friendly personality, which she spent most of her time during the day as, and in the late evening, she locked herself away in her white marble home on top of the highest hill overlooking Buzios. Her most desirable home could be seen through any window in every house in the town.

Her name was Aquamarine and the people of her town saw her as the most beautiful, loyal, honest, and happiest woman they had ever met in their lives. She spent most of her time by the peaceful, light blue seas of Brazil where she always felt her happiest. She loved the calming sound of the crashing waves on the white sandy beaches. The soft, blue-green color of the clear, warm water made her feel like there was no one else in the world besides her. It was her favorite color and she wore a piece of clothing or a special accessory every single day to keep the peaceful feeling with her at all times. Her favorite piece to wear was a blue-green chiffon scarf that she wore in a different way every time she wore it. Aquamarine, when not at her favorite sandy beaches, was spotted in the town, usually at the local market. Everyone that was there always noticed her immediately because she wore all white everyday with her small touch of blue-green. Aqua was the most infamous woman in town because of her beauty. All the other women in Buzios were envious of her and would give up anything in the world to be her. All of the men were mesmerized by her beauty and would give up anything in the world to be with her and to have Aqua want them.

Like any other day, Aquamarine was on...
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