The Management of It Adoption, Implementation and Use

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Strategic planning Pages: 4 (899 words) Published: May 6, 2013
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Chapter 4: The Management of IT Adoption, Implementation and Use 4.1 Strategic Consideration in IT Development
4.1.1 Planning of Information Systems Based on Business Success Factors and Criteria
4.1.2 Components of Long-Range Plans

4.1.1 Planning of Information Systems Based on Business Success Factors and Criteria What is Information Systems Planning?
Information Systems Planning is the part of business planning concerned with developing the firm’s information systems resources. Business Planning is the process of identifying the firm’s goals, objectives, and priorities + developing action plans for accomplishing them. Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the process of identifying long-term organizational goals, strategies, and resources. Strategic Planning looks beyond day-to-day activities and focuses on a horizon that is 3, 5, 10, or 20 years in the future. Why do “Strategic Planning”?

The main purpose is to identify clearly the nature and scope of the business opportunity or problem by performing a preliminary investigation, often called feasibility study. Business Success Factors and Criteria

* User Requests.As users rely more heavily on information systems to perform their jobs, they are likely to request even more IT services and support. * Top Management Directives. Directives from top managers are a prime source of major systems projects. Those directives often result from strategic business decisions that require new IT systems, more information for decision making, or better support for mission-critical information systems. * Existing Systems. Errors or problems in existing systems can trigger requests for systems projects. * Information Technology Department. Many system project requests come from the IT department. IT staff members often make recommendations based on their knowledge of business...
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