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Leadership Education Worksheet
Radical Equations Worksheet 2

The purpose of this worksheet is to help you organize your thinking as you reflect on the assignment and prepare for class discussion. Address each of the items below and submit your worksheet electronically to the instructor prior to the class period the assignment is due. Bring a paper copy with you to class.

Assignment: Read Part 2 of Radical Equations: Civil Rights from Mississippi to the Algebra Project

Each student will create his/her own worksheet for Part 2 of Radical Equations. Your worksheet should meet the following objectives: •Develop a minimum of two items for each chapter in Part 2 that you would want to share with the class. •Write a response that you think adequately addresses the items you have written.

The most effective worksheets will be comprised of:
open-ended items for which there may be no correct answer but which stimulates thoughtful dialogue. •Items that incorporate and integrate other elements of the course and connect them to the reading.

Chapter 4

The teaching of the algebra in this time period, what classes in this time period express this today?
It comes a more liberal experience.
Pg 111- Talks about do you understand change. And do you agree with that statement?
Yes, as a leader you must be able to adapt to change.

How do you feel about the quote Robert Moses states on page 92, “If we can do it, then we should.”?
This quote really make me think because I feel it is easier said than done. Yes, I agree we should all go out and do it if we can. Sometimes though I don’t know if we can do it we should, because most of us could do many things that maybe we aren’t passionate about. I feel just being able to do something isn’t as important as wanting to do it, being passionate about doing it. When it comes to leading it takes more than just skill. It takes the drive and motivation to lead the group.

“Part of understanding the movement is understanding change.” How does this quote from page 111 relate to leadership?

The idea of change is a fun and interesting idea. Change is happening everyday, those of us who adapt to change and work with change will be successful and those of us who back away from change and are scared of change will be passed by. As a leader it is important to understand change and move with it instead of being resistant to change and watching other groups pass right on by.

Chapter 5
Pg 132- Algebra project how will this grow our young people?
In college a lot of our professors are about growing us as people, but in high school not so much. To become a better leader you must be able to learn and develop as a leader.

In your opinion, what one of the five crucial steps in the Algebra project curriculum process is the most important for kids? The idea of physical events makes me feel would work best with students. Student would enjoy the process of actually going somewhere and learning. Also I feel actually doing something is the best way to learn. Physically going somewhere would help trigger the brain and give students something to relate to.

How do these five crucial steps in the Algebra project relate to leadership and what we have learned through leadership?
I think the five steps reminds me of the importance of being organize as a leader. Often what can get a leader in trouble is not being organize and losing important information that the group needs, but the leader loses. These five steps just reminds me of a plan or being organize to lead the group to success.

If he can help us catch the vision he would make it work.
With a clear vision you as a leader will be set up towards success.

Chapter 6

Moses mentioned, “A network would be a base of strength and I knew I could not operate in isolation if the Algebra Project was going to work.” How does this sentence impact the way you view leadership?

This reminds me about...
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