The Life of Me

Topics: Family Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: April 11, 2013
My name is Ashley Morales, I was born on September fifth, nineteen nighty-three in Meza, Arizona; raised in Hermiston Oregon. I moved to Oregon when I was three years old with my mom, and now I am living with a family of five which includes; my wonderful stepdad, my beautiful mom, my two younger sisters, and I. I am a graduate from Hermiston High School from the year two thousand and twelve, and I am now attending BMCC. These are just a few things about me.

Family may just be a small little word, but to me the word family plays a big role in my life. My family is an odd bunch, but I love them. I have two younger sisters who are completely opposite from each other and myself. Daisy the youngest, likes to pretend she is the princess in the castle. Then there is Brittiny the middle child, who also likes to pretend she is a princess, but at the same time she tries to take the role of the older sister (me). And of course what’s a castle without a king and a queen, my parents. My mom has been there for me every step of the way. We have had our ups and downs, yet we always forget and forgive. My dad is actually my step dad. The reason why I call him dad instead of calling him by his real name is simply because he has been with me for seventeen years, and acts more like my father. I respect him for being there for my mom and I.

I am currently working at a little sandwich shop that goes by the name of USA Subs and Grill. Is it the best job in the world? No. Do I love it there? Yes. Working at the sub shop is fun, fast, and easy, and everyone gets along just like sisters. As much as I love my current job I don’t plan on staying there for long. My future career is to become a dental assistant, and from there I would like to become a dental hygienist. Ever since I got my braces off I feel like a smile is really the most beautiful feature a person can have. That’s what interested me in the dental career. I think it would be really neat to be able to let...
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