The Last Day

Topics: Meaning of life, Life, Philosophy of life Pages: 4 (1061 words) Published: September 24, 2014
Brittany Sanchez
English 1301 161
Mr. J. Haske
September 4, 2014
The Last Day
I would think most people around the world would want to sense they lived their life with a purpose- that they made a difference, helped somebody, or accomplished something minor or substantial. All of those aspirations should lead to happiness and meaning, that’s what life should be about. It may be viewed by different perspectives of individuals, but there is no life if there is no meaning. So being able to share your experiences and lessons with family and friends is a gift that can be cherished with them eternally and inspire them to go on and do something for themselves- so how do you want to be remembered? Did you make an impact? When you’re at your last day will you be content?

All of these thoughts and questions were running through my mind as I laid down on the hospital bed listening to the ventilator machine beeping in my room and the rooms around me. I knew that was the only thing keeping me alive, because I could feel my body getting weaker, my vision beginning to blur, and my pulse getting slower. I knew at sixty years old I would be living my last days alone, but at this moment I wish I wasn’t. I was too selfish to ever think about my only son, by going to bars instead of his football games and leaving him with his grandma for days while I would go out with people who didn’t know or love me. By doing those things I let alcohol take over my liver and son’s life. By the time I knew it I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis and had very little time left in this world. The most excruciating thing about all these poor choices was that I hadn’t seen my son in twenty years; I had no indication on his appearance or life. I don’t know if he ever had a family or went to college. The only memory I had of him was his last day of high school and I can reminisce it so clearly. It was Saturday morning and my head was...
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