The Lake District

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Lake District National Park is located in the North West of England, located specifically in Cumbria. It starts from Caldbeck to Lindale, Calbeck is in the north and Lindale is in the South and from Ravenglass which is situated in the East which is Shap. It is one of the fourteen national Parks in the UK. Lake District National Park has 101 sites of Special Scientific interest and 6 national nature reserves which also give it its beauty. There are around 400 villages where the population of over 40,000 live. The Lake District Park was formed from change in climatic conditions over millions of years. Some contributors were volcanic eruptions, melting of ice as well as sea erosion- all these made the Lake District as popular as it is now.

Grasmere: Rydal Mount Former home of William Wordsworth

Ambleside: Beatrix Potter stayed here during her holidays.

Scafell Pike This is the highest peak in England.

Lake Windermere: The largest natural lake in England

This is a map of the Lake District National Park.

This is the M6, (highlighted in blue) the main road which runs through Lake District. It is the main source of transportation as well as the main motorway.

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Some of the main towns are located in red dots, e.g. Bothel, Whitehaven, Ravenglass. The lakes are highlighted in blue. Some examples are: Haweswater Reservoir and Ullswater. Also highlighted is the M6, which is the main motorway as well as roads and railway services which are highlighted in purple for roads and red for rails. The mountains in the Lake District are also shown in white in examples such as Scafell Pike, Kentmere Pike etc. The Lake District National Park contains 16 lakes, 150 high peaks as well as four 3000ft mountains which make it the unique mountains in England. This also includes Scafell Pike which is the highest mountain in England with a height of 3206 ft. It is the largest national park in the UK with a size of 2,292 sq km. Over 12 million people come to the Lake District National Park. Why? Millions of people are attracted to Lake District National Park due to its many features. Below are some descriptions of these features. Grasmere Grasmere is a little village honeypot located in the heart of the Park, near Ambleside. Once the home of the famous poet, William Wordsworth, it is now a main tourist attraction in the Park. There are many things to visit ranging from the beautiful lakes of Rydal water and In Grasmere are situated the craggy peaks of Scafell Pikes, Helvellyn, Skiddaw and the Langdale Pikes, all which are mountains. This is an aerial view of Grasmere village, we can see that there is a lot of greenery and nature in the village. There are trees, farmland as well as mountains and lakes which add to the natural beauty of Grasmere. There are also houses in Grasmere where people live and enjoy the views of nature with limited pollution. These are the lakes and mountains which tourists travel far to see and admire. These natural attractions form a major part of the tourism industry. Activities in Gransmere include Cycling and walking, horse trekking-where people can enjoy rides, mountain spa which is there for relaxation. A favoured one is trout fishing-this is where people can enjoy the experience of fishing.

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Rydal Water is situated between Grasmere and Rydal Water, Lake District National Park Lake Windermere in the District. Rydal Water is a small glacial lake very similar to Grasmere, with drumlins which are small deposits from the glacier creating mini-islands on the lake. Rydal Water is popular during the summer as it had many activities such as sunbathing, walks and excellent picnic spots for tourist. People come from everywhere to visit this attraction as it is beautiful scenery which is most likely unique in England. Scafell Pike This is an annotated picture of Scafell Pike which shows the different parts of the mountain. Scafell Pike is located in the vicinity of Grasmere, near the...
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