The Jealousy

Topics: Personal life, Love, Psychology Pages: 3 (1108 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Normally you have to listen to the boring facts before getting started; unfortunately, you will not avoid them this time either. However, it’s probably nice for you to know who writes what you’re going to read and why I have ended up writing this book to help you. You will quickly discover that my book is quite different from many other things that you’ve might read about jealousy. The reason is that my book is more a personal portrayal, rather than a professional book built on a lot of inspiration. The advantage is that you’ll get a very authentic look at jealousy, and it contains a lot of inspiration to keep yourself free from jealousy, without having to feel you are reading text from a psychologist. (Not because there is something wrong with going to a psychologist.) Just so you know,  if you read my book to do something about your jealousy, there is a lot of hope for you, because you’ve actually moved beyond the 80% of all others who are jealous and are doing nothing about it. You have acknowledged that you are jealous and need to do something about it fast as possible. You have taken the responsibility without blaming it on others. Well done! It’s important for me to say, that if you don’t take the responsibility yourself, you will keep being jealous until you do. So who am I?

My name is Kim Falidan, I’m 25 years old, and I’m living in Copenhagen, Denmark. If you ask me, I study on one of the world’s most “tasteful” educations, which is the chief cook education. In my spare time, I commit myself to the psychotherapeutic world, which you probably don’t think is a complete coincidence, since I have written an e-book about jealousy.But it wasn’t only the strong passion for the psychotherapeutic world which has inspired me. Just to confuse you further, it is actually the book that inspired me to dig deeper into my hobby.Where did the book come from? It came from a hell … No, I don’t exaggerate, but I wish I did. My eternal and hopeless struggle against jealousy...
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