The Island

Topics: Human, Cloning, Organ Pages: 4 (1212 words) Published: April 11, 2007
"The Island"


The movie "The Island" is a movie about cloning, rights, and what it means to be human. It takes place in the future, presumably in 20 or 30 years.

The two main characters are clones; one called Lincoln Six-Echo and the other called Jordan Two-Delta. They reside in a facility owned by a man named Dr. Merrick, together with many other clones. They believe that the outside world is contaminated and that the inhabitants of the facility are the sole survivors. That is the lie of which they have been convinced by Dr. Merrick. The truth is that Merrick is the owner of an "insurance company" in which the buyer pays a great deal of money to have a clone created, so that if anything were to go wrong, like a bad liver or a heart attack, the vital organs needed could be supplied from the clone. The buyers are told that the clones are in a constant vegetative state, when they are in fact, alive and living.

The clones have organized routines for every day and they are not supposed to ask questions. Lincoln Six-Echo, however, asks questions. He senses that something is wrong, and after some poking around he discovers the truth. He escapes the facility with his closest friend, Jordan Two-Delta, but they are hunted by Dr. Merrick's men until they find Tom Lincoln, the "owner" of Lincoln Six-Echo. They ask him for help with spreading the news about what is really going on in Merrick's facility. He betrays them and turns them in, but Merrick's men shoot him, thinking he is Lincoln Six-Echo. The two clones journey back to the facility to rescue the remaining clones. After some struggle they succeed, killing Dr. Merrick and freeing the clones.


One of the key things that enables Dr. Merrick and his security personal to control and run the Merrick Institute, is the organization of the clones' everyday life. The clones follow a structured program every day, because that is what they have been taught. If any of...
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