The Investigation of the Double Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson

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The Investigation of the Double Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman

As a crime scene investigator, there are duties that have to be met and a job that has to get done. Part of this job includes putting together reliable evidence, and making a list of suspects. As an investigator my job as of right now, is to find evidence to use against Orenthal James Simpson in the prosecution of the murder of his wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. On June 12, 1994, around 10:15 P.M., Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were brutally murdered at her house on 875 S. Bundy in Brentwood, California (Linder).

O.J. Simpson, the ex-husband of Nicole, is our prime suspect due to the amount of evidence we have collected from his home, the crime scene, and his interviews. The night of June 12, seemed just like any other night to Brentwood citizens. Nicole and O.J. attended their daughters dance recital at a local Middle School. After the dance recital Nicole and her family went to the restaurant Mezzaluna, while O.J. returned to his house (Linder). According to Simpson, during the time his family was out enjoying a celebratory dinner, he was at home packing for a trip to Chicago and working on his golf swing. Also, he claims he and a man renting a room from him, by the name of Kato Kaelin made a quick trip to McDonalds (Simpson). After returning from McDonalds, around 9:45 P.M., Kato and Simpson went their separate ways. Simpson was scheduled to leave for an 11:45 P.M. flight to Chicago. While he was waiting for his scheduled limo driver, Allan Park, Simpson explains he was packing for his trip, however he also informed us that he was sleeping (Simpson). Allan Park explained to us that at around 10:22 to 10:30 P.M. Simpson’s white bronco was not parked anywhere around his Rockingham residence. At 10:40 P.M., 10:43 P.M., and 10:49 P.M., Park claims to have buzzed O.J.’s intercom several times, but received no response. Around 10:51, Kaelin reports hearing loud thumps outside of his room, around the same time Allan Park sees a figure about 200 pounds and 6 feet tall in a dark sweat suit run across the lawn. In our interrogation with Kaelin, this is the clothing he reports seeing Simpson in on their outing to McDonalds (People Vs. Simpson). Shortly after, Simpson emerged from his home and headed off to Chicago. When Park was interrogated, he declared that O.J. was only carrying a small black bag that he would not allow Park to touch (Linder).

Witnesses say around 8:30 P.M., Nicole and her family leave Mezzaluna and head for Ben and Jerry’s to get some ice cream. On the way out her mother, Juditha, drops her sunglasses but does not notice. She later calls the restaurant and employee Ronald Goldman, offers to bring them to Nicole’s condominium after he gets off work. Goldman gets off work at around 9:45 P.M., and heads for Nicole’s. According to neighbors, the usually quiet neighborhood was not so quiet the night of the murders. After speaking with four of Nicole’s neighbor’s, we were told that the eerie barking of one dog beginning around 9:45 P.M. kept everyone awake that night. Eva Stein, the first neighbor to be questioned told me she went to bed around 10 P.M., however, an extremely loud persistent barking kept waking her up. Louis Karpf, Steins boyfriend, returned home around 10:45 P.M. and heard the dog barking profusely, he then went outside to see if he could find where the sound of the suffering dog was coming from. Steven Schwab, another neighbor, explained to us that at around 10:55 P.M., when he was taking a late walk, a strange dog started following him, and then he noticed the animal’s paws and belly were covered in blood. Around 11:05 P.M., Schwab brought the dog to his neighbor Mr. Boztepe for safe keeping. But the dog was so restless that he kept him and his wife up, so they decided to take him for a walk. That’s when Nicole Brown Simpson’s...

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This is the excerpts from the October 25, 1993 9-1-1 call made by Nicole Brown Simpsons where she is frantically trying to get help from emergency responders due to the fact that O.J. broke into her house and was furiously banging on her door.
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