The Internet War with Our Brains

Topics: Mind, Brain, History of the Internet Pages: 4 (1324 words) Published: January 30, 2013

The Internet War With Our Brains

With the constant changes of technology in the world today it is apparent the human brain is headed down a path of destruction. Before the year of 2000, society spent their time in a library gathering information to gain knowledge; now that time is spent on the Internet through personal cell phones, google, and facebook. I, in fact have fallen into this category of not realizing simply how much the Internet has grown and how it has altered the use of my brain over the past five years. It is now second nature for me to pick up my cell phone to look up a number when I once had to remember through memory or even check my Facebook for social acceptance that I once gained through talking face to face. There are many humans in the Internet society affected by how the brain truly works when one is faced with emotional, educational, and spiritual problems using the Internet as an easy fix to get through the day. Nicholas Carr argues, “we risk turning into pancake people…we connect with that vast network of information accessed by the mere touch of a button”(809). In the modern advances of cell phones, there are now Internet browsers to gain access to the outside world. I often use my personal cell phone to gain access to a built in GPS system that can tell me exactly where I need to go for directions, but I could not tell anyone how I got there simply because I did not use a visual map to plot my direction making it difficult to comprehend further traveling. There are communication tools used through the Internet such as Webcams and Skype that allow humans to interact with one another as opposed to writing a letter simply because it

easier than going through the processes that were once second nature. It seems to appear that the Internet has been altering how humans think today negatively with spelling ability’s, gaining reliable information and superficial...
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