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ST ANDREW'S HOSPITAL (Former 'Waverley' House), Wall and Coach House The building which I am research about is St Andrew’s Hospital (Former Dwelling ‘Waverley’), wall and Former Coach House. The clarification process of the research will basically composed by both primary and secondary sources. While researching, the general history of St Andrew’s Hospital has been stated by secondary sources. The Former Dwelling ‘Waverley’ is complete in 1865. This was one of the mansions where located at the south eastern corner. And it was designed by James MacGeorge. The design is influenced by the neo-Gothic of pattern-book style which is very popular in the 19th Century. (Adelaide city council, N/A). In addition, the other website also identifies the reason why the house has been built and some simple development of the house changes later. For instance, the house was bought by Thomas Richard Bowman in 1873. These common introduction of the building gives me a good beginning to understand this heritage site(Gibbs, 1994). The next step is to have more detailed and deeper research for the heritage building. Following by the deeper research in the heritage. the information became less and less. And the information is became incompatible from source to source. A website stated that a billiard room added in 1890 and then been demolished in the redevelopment of the hospital in 1989(Legacy club of adelaid, 1945). While there is another book to stated that the billiard room is still exist. However, since there is no more detail information to support the billiard room is still exist (Arthur Foss, 1989). It would probably suggested that the billiard room had been demolished. In order to ensure the accuracy of research. But there is also some information has been collected by compare the consistency from sources. The reason for the expanding of St Andrew's Hospital is because the hospital board bought Waverley and the land where surrounds it at public action for £105000. Two...
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