The Inner Game of Tennis Champion Andy Murray

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The Inner Game of Tennis Champion Andy Murray

Any one who aspires to become a Tennis Champions like Andy Murray could just copy his 1. Training diet 2. Winning strokes

However to really understand what makes him ‘Outstanding’ and beat Roger Federer to claim the Shanghai Masters title on the 17 October 2010 will require a deep understanding of what goes on inside his head (the Real Inner Game).

As you will know, more than 70% of our optimum performance is MENTAL! So what was it that allowed Andy Murray to sustain his focus when the pressure and anxiety was building up as the game progressed?

What thoughts, values and beliefs supported him to ‘hold his nerve’ and beat Roger Federer?

Having a balance of both psychological and physical training is key in the success of a tennis champion.

According to ‘The Law of Correspondence’ (dating back many thousands of years), it states ‘As within, so without’. An individual’s outer world (i.e. how you perform on a daily basis) is simply a manifestation of your inner world (i.e. your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes). Thus, if you want to make a significant change on the outside, you must first have a paradigm shift on the inside.

NLP Coaching gives you the tools to know what goes on inside Andy Murray’s head – His Mental Strength.

To sum up, by booking a series of sessions with an NLP Coach you will experience the following benefits: 1. Draw on into the times when you were performing ‘at your best’ 2. Pull off ‘your best’ whenever you need it 3. Overcome mental limitations that are preventing you from achieving peak performance FAST! Not in hours. 4. A significant boost in performance on a consistent basis

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