The Inevitability of World War Ii

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The Inevitability of World War II
The causes of World War II have been traced back by many historians and figures as the unresolved problems from World War I. Economical and political problems left most countries in strife after the war, with many leaders wanting to fix their countries by any means possible. Shortly after, peace treaties were signed after the end of World War I but many predicted the inevitable subsequent world war. They feared that the victors would demand too much out of Germany and Austria, causing these countries to eventually retaliate. World War II did not begin overnight; there were multiple reasons and signs that it was foreseeable. After being forced to officially assume full responsibility for the damages of the First World War, Germany felt humiliated and resentful. Germany signed the Versailles Treaty, which demanded Germany to pay reparations due to the costs of the war. During the worldwide depression, Germany induced hyperinflation as a way to pay the forced costs of the war, thus impoverishing the middle class and increasing resentment over the Treaty.   Germany, which was accustomed to a military monarchy, did not believe that the new government, the Weimar Republic, was strong enough to improve Germany. The people perceived the form of

government as a weak democracy, causing the government to lose major support from the citizens. Desperate times evoke for desperate responses and the rise of Benito Mussolini in Italy and his philosophy of fascism is a prime example of this.   Fascism, a political philosophy, movement, or government that exalts the nation over democracy and advocates a centralized, autocratic government led by a disciplined party and headed by a dictatorial, charismatic leader, was Mussolini’s ideology. Fascism exalted the nation over the individual and governed with tight control of the economy and social life of the nation. It suppressed all opposition and glorified warfare. Although it is somewhat...
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