The Industrial Revolution

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The Changing of European Society in the Industrial Revolution
The industrial revolution of the late 18th and early 19th centuries was revolutionary since it changed European society significantly. The transition from agricultural and handicraft economies to the new urban industrial society produced persistent displacement and suffering. In the countryside, the erosion of traditional authority and social stability preceded large-scale industrialization . Many farmers migrated to industrial towns offering work. Before the industrial revolution occurred, most people in Europe lived on small farms and produced most of their needs by hand. Then the revolutionary industry changed their lives. Many people moved to cities and most of their needs were produced by complex machines using steam power.

First, I want to explain about the industrial revolution in agrarian part. Agrarian revolution was a change in farming methods which allowed for greater production of food. This revolution was fulfilled by the use of new farming technology. The result of this revolution was the enclosure movement which was the consolidation of many small farms into one large farm owned by rich people. Then it left many people jobless and homeless. These people would provide the workforce of the industrial revolution. When the revolution had not taken place, the cotton spinning was in its fancy, and before the machines for superseding the necessity of human labor—steam engines—came into use, there were a great number of what were then called little masters. They worked in their small land and spun the cotton. But none are thus employed after the industrial revolution, for all the cotton was broke up by a machine, turned by the steam machine . So that the spinners had no employment except they went to work in the factory all day.

As I explained before, people moved from countryside to industrial towns and cities to be closer to the factories offering jobs. The conditions during the early...
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