The Inca Empire

Topics: Inca Empire, Atahualpa, Sapa Inca Pages: 4 (1106 words) Published: May 21, 2013
A Lack of General Knowledge: The Decline of the Once Successful, Incan Empire

During a thriving time of expanding civilizations, the Inca Empire was new and developing with a unique way to carry a kingdom. The Incans were forced to face diversity in order to be a successful community. Despite a simple way of living their lives, the Incans faced a fall in the Empire. With a combination of; a lack of advanced technology, a poor military with an unexpected ransom, and awful health systems; leading to the downfall of the civilization.

The Inca Empire was a strong, community-based empire, relying solely on their land and environment to live. The Inca Empire faced a variety of issues throughout its establishment, the kingdom could have continued to be very successful, in spite of the unpleasant events taking place in the 1500’a and 1600’s. The Incans were hard workers who took pride in living off the land given to them. Being the first civilization to plant, harvest and cook potatoes, they were considered to be very good farmers. “In Inca times all tribes were on about the same technological level in their agriculture. Work was communal.” (Von Hagan, Victor W., 1996) There was no proper taxing system, taxes were paid in labour, and in return people were given the basic necessities of life within the community. By not furthering the knowledge of straightforward, everyday activities and behaviour contributed to the downfall of the empire. Something so simple as using the wheel for farming to an advantage, was not thought of. Trade within the public wasn’t very customary due to the amount of land provided, it was more common to trade with other communities. Despite Incans not using advance technology, the balance in the labour tax system, and trade with other empires during this history time period contributed to semi-stability of the Inca Empire. The people among the empire had land to them and could produce their own food and necessities....
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