the important of career in your life

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In present competitive era it is very important to pay more attention towards career. What is career ? A career is the sum total of paid and unpaid work, learning and life roles you undertake throughout your life. In today's world of work the term 'career' is seen as a continuous process of learning and development. For many people, careers are the most important priority in life.

There are many reasons why a career is very important to me. First of all, human beings is social animals. A person cannot able to live without any social interaction. Every individual needs love, support, help and security from other members of society. A person can get all these things from their family and friends. However ,in this highly competitive time career is a prime need in person s’ life, because without any successful career it is very difficult to survive. A person can afford a happy and healthy lifestyle for their family if he/she has a good job. It is a strong argument which supports that career is a most important aspect in a person’s life.

Secondly, with career , we can earn money. If we have many money ,we can buy many of things like cars, houses, dresses and other things. Besides that, with career, we can obtain affirmation from the job. For example, when work is done with praises from the others, this will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Finally, in my opinion, to be a success in life, a person needs to pay more attention towards his or her career
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