The Importance of Water in Ancient Societies

Topics: Water, River, Seawater Pages: 3 (1122 words) Published: December 8, 2008
Response Essay Number One: The Importance of Water in Ancient Civilizations

When life began there was water to help it grow and when life is over there will be water to end it. Water is a basic necessity that furnishes the plants for growth, replenishes mammal life, and is a constant reminder of life. In ancient complex river societies water provided a beginning and advancement opportunity in agriculture in that it cared for plants, provided for animals, replenished drinking water, and was a beacon for trade and vocation. One main use of water was providing fertile silt and fresh water for agriculture and planting necessary fruits and vegetables. Due to the excessive flooding and heavy rain falls that were common to the complex river societies in ancient Egypt, Asia, and Mesopotamia, much silt, or fine sediment perfect for planting, was accommodated in these areas. Also, the fresh water that was provided made it possible for the plants to grow properly unlike the ocean front towns that relied on salt water to grow their plants. Overall, river societies were more capable of sustaining life and therefore building toward a future. Another perk to living near a river opposed to the ocean was the seemingly unending supply of drinking water. Unlike the ocean societies, who had to find ways to filter water, import water from river societies, or dehydrate by drinking salt water, the complex river societies were able to easily obtain an unlimited supply of drinking water for their family and friends. They built complex wells and also had men who worked in the rivers and created a system for easily and quickly getting the water out of the river by hand. By having available drinking water the people of these societies were able to remain healthy and live longer. The unlimited supply of drinking water and fresh crispy crops were not only for the people of these river societies however. The animal and marine life flourished over the abundance of food...
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