The Importance Of Military Bearing

Topics: Discipline, Sailor, Positive Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: April 13, 2015
The Importance of Military Bearing

Military bearing is made up of a few fundamental elements. Appearance, honor, and pride. These fundamental element are taught to each and every sailor as they go through basic training. This basic knowledge can consist of knowing how to keep a presentable uniform, how to address a senior officer, or even being asked your General Orders on the spot. Without these basic and fundamental rules sailors would not be able to conduct themselves in a professional manor. Without proper training and discipline sailors would not be able to direct future service members on the correct path. After receiving the right training sailors can act as examples for new members learning how to adapt to military life. Appearance is what will dictate what people will expect of you after your first meeting. If you cannot keep a cleaning and tidy uniform superiors will not expect you to keep an organized life. Having the motivation to maintain a proper uniform at all times is key to being an image of leadership. Not keeping a positive image will not only reflect poorly on yourself, but also on your superior officers and subordinates. Motivation is important in that you will be able to maintain your positive appearence with ease. Motivation is derived from disipline. Without the basic trait of disipline, maintaining motivation and a postive attitude will prove a frustraiting task. Honor is a sence of obligation toward your country. To have honor one must have disapline. An obligation to your job is being able to accept responsibility for your actions and honor the decicions you've made. Without honor a sailor cannot advance. Trying to cut corners and go behind members backs will only hamper your image in the long run.
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