The Importance of Memory

Topics: Psychology, Memory / Pages: 4 (756 words) / Published: Nov 28th, 2012
The importance of memory

What will happen if all human lost their memory? What if we can’t remember anything anymore? Can our society keep running? Can we live? The answer is simple. We can’t live without memory and the modern society will be destroyed. Here I’ll explain to you one by one.

Memory plays a big role in our life. It is the processes by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved. Everything we see, we do, we think, will goes to memory and transform to implicit or explicit memory. Which will be saved in our brain. We could recall it anytime, even I’m using my implicit memory to type this report. Simply, our daily life is formed by memory, without it, we’re nothing. Why? If we don’t have memory, we can’t learn. Learning requires memory, if we’re unable to learn anything, we can only follow our basic instincts to live such as eating or having sexual intercourse. We’ll be worse than beasts if we live like that. Furthermore, we won’t be able to recognize anything.

Somebody doubt that can we still learn from classical conditioning? The answer is no, because we can’t save the conditioned stimulus in brain, we don’t even remember we’re triggered by stimulus. Therefore, we won’t elicit by any conditioned stimulus. So if Pavlov’s dog don’t have memory, the whole theory won’t even exist.

Without memory, we’ll lost many of our abilities and skills. Such as, languages, recognition. Unless we record everything we saw immediately and save it in a notebook. If human started with no memory, the modern society won’t be formed. Memory is an important part of what keeps society together, what shapes our culture, and what shapes us as individuals. We will be unable to develop anything. There won’t be revolution, human history can’t go further without memory. Therefore, It’s disastrous if human don’t have memory at all.

If we totally without implicit memory, human simply won’t exist. Breathing is an implicit memory. No one taught you to breathe, you

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