The importance of being on time

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Being on time is important in everything you do especially in the military. By not being on time you can cause problems for not just you but other people as well. For instance if you are to be replacing someone and you are not on time you can make that person late because they had to wait for you. By just one person being late can disrupt the events of an entire day. An example of this is a platoon is going out to a field exercise for training and a soldier is late by fifteen minutes that can cause that entire platoon to be behind in getting out to the field exercise disrupting the agenda set by the platoon leader and platoon sargent. If you are late to an appointment you are taking up valuable time that could be used by another person. Another reason it is always important to be on time is if you are going to a job interview and you are not on time you could loose the position because it is a first impression of how your work ethic could be. Even if you just make plans with some friends to see a movie, you should be on time because if you are late you and your friends will miss part of the movie. In the military you can receive sever punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice for not being on time. Some of the consequences can include loss of rank, loss of pay, and having to pull extra duty while under restriction. Repeatedly being late in the military could lead to a discharge from service. Similarly if you are constantly late for civilian employment you will face punishment that could include having your hours cut back, your earnings garnished, or possibly fired from that position. After creating a history of being late to a point that you are let go from your job, it can become difficult to find future employment due to the fact that employers will contact your previous line of employment to find out why you were released from your position within that company. Further more after making a history to your friends, family and your employers of not...
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