The History Of The Telephone

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MARCH 1, 2010

I decided to do my research on the history of the telephone because it is the one thing I can’t live without. Today, having a telephone is a need that all kids must have to stay in touch with each other. We don’t talk on the phone like our parents did. We text a lot.

I conducted most of my research on the internet. I used the Library of Congress online as a primary resource for information and pictures of Alexander Graham Bell’s original drawings and patents. I used other websites as secondary resources. I chose to do a documentary powerpoint presentation so I could add lots of visuals and pictures to my project. Powerpoints are easy to create and allow key points and lots of graphics to be organized and keep people’s attention. I like inserting clip art and word art to make my project more fun. This project shows how communication was forever changed throughout time. The invention of the telephone has made human communication possible from country to country.

The Earliest Com m unication

Beating on drums


Sending smoke signals


Paint pictures on walls like a person with a bow and arrow or a bear laying on the ground

M ail& The Pony Express

Special messengers delivered mail on foot
 Most letters in early times were written in Latin by intelligent and educated men.

In the Middle Ages writing was popular
 Brothers that lived in the same house would exchange letters while eating breakfast.

Sending mail was very slow
 Mail traveled by ships, on horseback, or on foot.

Western U.S. started a mail delivery service called the Pony Express that promised that mail delivery would go faster in between Missouri and California.
 This lasted 19 months because it didn’t work very well and was replaced by the railroad.

1844 – Telegraph
Samuel F.B. Morse
demonstrated his invention
of the telegraph by sending
a message to Baltimore
from the chambers of the
Supreme Court in
Washington, DC.
"What hath God wrought?”

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland, the son of Alexander Melville Bell and Eliza Grace Symonds, daughter of a surgeon in the Royal Navy. His mother, who was a portrait painter and accomplished musician, began to lose her hearing when Graham was twelve. His father had a world wide reputation as a teacher and author of textbooks on correct speech, and as the inventor of "visible speech," a code of symbols which indicated the position and action of the throat, tongue and lips in uttering various sounds. Melville’s Visible Speech helped to guide the deaf in learning to speak and Graham became an expert in its use for that purpose. Graham and his two brothers assisted Melville in public demonstrations in Visible Speech, beginning in 1862. At the same time he enrolled as a student-teacher at Weston House, a boys’ school near Edinburgh where he taught music and speech in exchange for being a student of other subjects. A year later he became a full-time teacher at the University of Edinburgh while studying at the University of London. In 1866 Bell carried out a series of experiments to determine how vowel sounds are produced. He combined the notes of electrically driven tuning forks to make vowel sounds which gave him the idea of "telegraphing" speech. In 1870 his brothers died of tuberculosis and his family moved to Brantford, Ontario, Canada to a healthier climate. A year later Graham moved to Boston where he opened a school for teachers of the deaf and in 1872 became a professor at Boston...
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