The History of the Periodic Table: Summary

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The History of the Periodic Table Summary
Without the periodic table, certain aspects in chemistry would be impossible. “The periodic law, however, appears to have been independently formulated by at least six people within one decade - De Chancourtois, Newlands, Lothar Meyer, Mendeleev, Hinrichs, and Odling.” Although these scientists contributed to the formation of the modern periodic table, Meyer and Mendeleev are known as having constructed what is the basis of the modern table.

As shown in the previous history, the further the periodic table developments, it can lead to many advances in the scientific world. Currently scientist and also students use the periodic table that was created by the past scientists, but perhaps in the future the periodic table may be improved. The article shows how the periodic table was improved upon over the years. “It was Lavoisier who wrote the first extensive list of elements - containing 33 elements. He distinguished between metals and non-metals, dividing the few elements known in the 1700's into four classes. Then John Dalton made atoms even more convincing, suggesting that the mass of an atom was it's most important property.” In this quote the author exhibits the fact that the periodic table was being constantly being improved and modified.

The author did a good job researching the topic by involving every scientist that is involved in the periodic table. He also refrains from listing the scientists out of order and lists them from the time they made the discovery to the current edition of the periodic table. He begins with the concept that the period goes off of. “This was noticed early by people, and Greek thinkers, about 400 BC, used the words ‘element’, and ‘atom’ to describe the differences and smallest parts of matter. These ideas survived for 2000 …” By doing this he informs the readers of the origination of the periodic table idea and stresses the point that it has come a long way.

The article was...
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