The Glow by Adam Thorpe

Topics: Fiction, Character, Protagonist Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: December 3, 2009
The analysis of the text has some specific features, or to be exact, is done in accordance with a plan, which takes into account all its pecularities. The analysis strongly depends on the following points due to which the text is divided into parts and each of the parts is examined. The story by Adam Thorpe The Glow is the object of the analysis. Formal division.

The text has 2 main parts or plans: the story of the main character of the text as a child and as a man. To link these two parts parenthesis is used. Parenthesis is marked out with the help of dashes and bracets. Italics are used throughout the text: in the names of TV programms and newspapers (Mastermind, Inspector Morse), quotations from songs, in foreign words (al fresco), and what is more important, in very important words and expressions _(Problem _), in onomatopeia (yeehaa). The author uses capitalization to draw the reader’s attention to the importance of these words in the text. Compositional division.

The text can be divided into 14 partsin accordance with the semantic division – change of time, place and characters. As any other text ,the story has prologue, exposition, outset, development of action, climax, outcome. the exposition gives the rreader the information about the main character of the story, of the place he lived, of his approximate age, as he went to school, his trips on the bus home from school. The outset is the first hopping off the character because the bus didn’t stop at his house any more. Hopping off gave him the fealing of uniquenes, he was showing off every time he hopped off the bus. The development of action begins with the falling off the bus. After that, everytime the character was appreciating something or felt pleased about it, something bad happened with it. The huge building was constructed on the Grailsham valley, his son got injured, his wife left him, his father died, the decline in the numbers of songbirds took place,and, at last, the torrental...
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