The Glass Menagerie

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Reamy Pena
Sidney Fortner
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April 30, 2013
The Glass Menagerie
“The Glass Menagerie” is a play about a woman named Amanda Wingfield who is “the remnant of Southern gentility” who lives in very poor conditions in St. Louis with her son and daughter, Tom and Laura. Laura is cripplingly shy and is constantly enabled by her mother. Tom is simply trying to get away from the poverty stricken area that they live in. overall the play outlines their lives and Amanda’s wish to marry off Laura so that she may be “taken care of” and not have to suffer as she has losing her prominent living. A big turning point in the play is when Tom invites his friend Jim over for dinner and Amanda thinks her hope for her daughter has been fulfilled in him and that he will marry her and take care of her.

The play originally came out in 1945 and was reviewed by the New York Times. In the original review, it was stated that it was the best play of the year and it was nominated for a Pulitzer the same year. Before the play opened on Broadway, it was run in Chicago and was wildly successful. When it won best play of the year, the award was offered “To Tennessee Williams for his play ‘The Glass Menagerie’ and its sensitive understanding of four troubled human beings.”

Since its debut, “The Glass Menagerie” was a hit and it continues to be a hit. I believe this is because it is a very relatable story. In one way or another, anyone who watches the play can identify with anyone of the colorful characters. Whether you’re shy like Laura, a dreamer like Tom, someone who is stuck in wanting to go back like Amanda, or all of the above, you will find a small comfort in knowing that youre not alone and that someone else feels the same even if it is just a play. Another point that makes the story so relatable is Toms need to get away and travel. As I stated earlier many people can relate to Tom and his feeling of wanting to get away and do better for themselves. Toms need...

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