The Glass Menagerie

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LaWanda Sandifer
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March 9, 2013

In Tennessee Williams play entitled “The Glass Menagerie” there are four characters. The main character is “the son” Tom Wingfield. He is also the narrator of this story. Another character is “the mother” Amanda Wingfield. Also “the daughter” Laura Wingfield is a character in this play. Last, “the gentleman caller” Jim O’Connor is a character in this play. This play is about how these four characters cope with what is going on around them.

The character Tom Wingfield is working on a job he hates and is even more miserable when he is at home. He constantly has to deal with the pressures put on him by his mother, Amanda Wingfield. He had to become the man of the house at an early age because his father left home. Tom escapes from the pain of reality by writing poetry when he is at work. Tom goes to the local bar to get drunk in order to deal with the pressures that are waiting for him at home.

The character Amanda Wingfield is a southern belle who was once wealthy but now has fallen on hard times. She also has a job that she hates but must continue in order to help support her family. She constantly has to beg people to buy subscriptions on a daily basis. She also is dealing with the reasons why her husband left their family along with not being wealthy. She escapes the misery of reality by reminiscing about how her life was when she was younger and when she had social status.

The character Laura Wingfield is a young woman who is abnormal both physically and mentally. She was crippled by a childhood illness and due this she never developed adequate social skills. She keeps herself isolated from the world, except for Tom and Amanda. She constantly has to deal with the pressure put on her by her mother, Amanda, to get her some suitors that eventually lead to marriage. She escapes her problems by spending most of her time with her glass collection. The...

References: Corinthian Colleges, INC. (2013). Introduction to American Literature. Boston: Pearson Learning Solutions.
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