The Girl of the Invisible Japanese Gentlemen

Topics: Literature, Novel, Yasunari Kawabata Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: May 25, 2013
The girl of The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen
I choose the character of the girl; the reasons are chiefly as follows: To begin with, she is very ambitious, but not realistic in her future. She truly believes that she is a writer and her novel The Chelsea Set will be a success just because her publisher tells her so. Therefore, she is always trying to please her publisher, in order to be successful she changes the title of her novel according to her publisher’s wish. In order to seek inspiration of creation, she wants to settle down St Tropez for six months. There wouldn’t be much left of the remuneration by that time. However, she thinks that she can get more remuneration from the next novel if The Chelsea Set sells well. She is too depended on her first novel. According to the author, publishers are human. They may sometimes exaggerate the virtues of the young and the pretty. No one can make sure that the publisher is telling the truth and the novel will be read in five years. The girl is too naive to clearly recognize the reality. Her novel maybe not sells well and she may not bear for years of effort. In addition, she has no doubt about her powers of observation. She says, “I was born one- Mr. Dwight says. My powers of observation…” She wants to be a writer, but she doesn’t notice those Japanese men at the table next to her. Obviously, publishers exaggerate the powers of her observation, and she firmly believes that. She even doesn’t know the publisher’s intent. The publisher exaggerates her powers of observation in order to increase their circulation. Most important of all, she is so self-centered. It appears as following aspect: Firstly, she looked at author and the party of Japanese Gentlemen (from text). And many times Japanese Gentlemen behave in a noticeable way. But she doesn’t notice them and just thinks her own problems. Secondly she is talking all the time about her own problems without listening to her fiancé’s. She is talking about her...
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