The French Revolution "The Reign of Terror"

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The French Revolution
Part 1: Comprehension Questions
1. Describe the social compositions of the sans culottes. The Sans culottes were a prominent political group with a vigilance against counter-revolutionaries and being the first working class group that incorporates a political stance and a social condition. Their peak of influence in 1792-1795 made them a popular social composition. Supporting the bloody ‘Reign of Terror’ the Sans Culottes become a crowd shifting with strength. 2. Why did the sans-culottes remain discontented after the 1789 revolutions? The Sans Culottes being the prominent losers of the first subtle revolution. Causing the middle class and the wealthy classes to benefit greatly from the revolution, the sans-culottes however suffered with the disappearance of their livelihood. Noticing that the inflation was driving them to fight for survival they become displeased and their views and action drove the more radical revolution. 3. Who were the real beneficiaries of the 1789 revolutions? The National Constituent Assembly completed the abolition of feudalism, suppressed the old “orders,” established civil equality among men this consequences in the working class specifically farmers Purchasing land. The upper class of France also benefited as deputies took over the monarchy. 4. who were the main leaders and advocates of the reign of terror The initial leader at the time of the Reign of Terror was Maximilien Robespierre however incite of the conflict between rival political factions the advocacies were the Girondins and the Jacobin’s. As the Jacobin’s gained control of the committee of public safety and Robespierre made his entrance quickly become the most influential member of the committee as it moved to take radical measures against the revolutions domestic and foreign enemies. 5. What threat was posed by émigrés and foreign states from 1791? There was concern among the French that the émigrés would return at the head of foreign armies. This fear was only enforced by the Declaration of Pullnitz on August 24th 1791 by Austria and Prussia. Therefore the fate of the King of France was a matter of shared interest among European monarchs. 6. How did the Jacobins and Cordeliers gain popular support from 1791? Jacobins and Cordeliers distrustful of King, wanting greater democracy in France, and then gained support from sans-culottes and Paris sections 7. What threat was posed by counter-revolution?

When war went bad prices rose messing with the economy and the sans-culottes the poor labourers and radical Jacobins rioted causing the counter-revolutionary activities began in some regions. The threat of a counter-revolution led by King Louis XVI (r. 1774-92) resulted in further escalations of violence.  8. How was the government of France changed in August 1792? By fleeing the country the king had showed he did not agree with the new National Assembly Government and therefore would not support the new democratic changes, Consequently the government had to be changed.

9. Why was the king guillotined in January 1793?
Due the proposed real and imagined threats at home and abroad, French revolutionaries put King Louis XVI on trial and executed him on January 21, 1793. 10. How did the Jacobins gain power in the national convention, May-June 1793? Due to the input of the Jacobin constitution of 1793 being passed by the convention .it provided the Jacobins with the power the elect a Model frame work for an egalitarian, democratic republic. 11. In what ways was the Jacobins constitution of June 1793 more democratic than the 1791 constitution? The primary task of the constitution of 1973 was to draft a new republican constitution. However the 1791 constitution was to be one of the basic precepts of the revolution to adopt constitutionally and establish sovereignty in the steps of the United States of America. The Jacobin constitution was more democratic in the way in which the...
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