The French Automotive Industry

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the french automotive industry

analysis and statistics


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Patrick Blain, Chairman of CCFA

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• Production • Markets • Trade

competitiveness factors of the French automotive industry, the automotive industry and the crisis, etc. • The industry in France: research and development, competitiveness factors, foreign trade, etc. • Markets: diesel, body, used cars, French Overseas Departments, etc. • Use: vehicle ownership, traffic and CO2 emissions, domestic transport of passengers and freight, cost of passenger and freight transport, etc.

• Spending: price indices per mode of transport: passengers and freight, consumption, financing, etc. • Economic impact and employment: distribution, suppliers, etc.

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• Markets by vehicle type, country, manufacturer, etc. • Passenger car fleet • The automotive industry

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• French manufacturers: facilities, production, markets,

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“2010: French manufacturers have tackled the crisis; growth in emerging economies is rapidly expanding, but the industry is still facing competitiveness problems in France.”

Dear Sir/Madam, In 2010, the economic situation recovered and the world automotive industry returned to record production levels with over 77 million vehicles manufactured. However, very different results were achieved by region: the European Union, NAFTA and Japan remained at lower levels than before the crisis, while production in emerging regions such as China and South America reached historically maximum levels. The geography of the automotive industry shifts quickly, and in 2010 more than half of the world’s output was from Asia, compared with 30% in 2000. In this context, French manufacturers produced 6.4 million vehicles, which is a new record in terms of volume. Operations returned to a “normal” trend following the extremely harsh crisis of 2009. French manufacturers continue to rely on the European market as their mainstay. Here, despite very intense competition, they have increased their market share (+1.6 point to 25.3% for light vehicles), while also increasing their sales in emerging economies. In France, automotive output rose by 9% to more than 2.2 million vehicles. The activity of the automotive branch, which represents equipment manufacturers as well as other suppliers, has benefited from this situation. The work of the Automotive Branch Platform (PFA - Plateforme de la Filière Automobile), set up in 2009 by French automotive manufacturers, represented by the CCFA, and their suppliers, is yielding results. It is organized around four priorities: lean manufacturing, tomorrow’s expertise and businesses, better information and communication management and, finally, a mid- and long-term strategy in terms of products and international development....
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