The Four Categories of Risky Behavior

Topics: Suicide, Sexual intercourse, Drug addiction Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: September 1, 2013
Teenage suicide: This is a deliberate act for someone to kill themselves. This can be done by drinking harmful substances, overdosing on medication or drugs, shooting or hanging one’s self, jumping in front of moving vehicles and trains as well as jumping off buildings and bridges. According to WHO a suicide occurs every 40 seconds and an attempted suicide every 3 seconds. In South Africa the most common or frequent ways are hanging yourself, followed by shooting, gassing and burning yourself. Teenage Pregnancy: This is when young girls between the ages of 13 and 19 become pregnant. This rate varies from country to country due to different attitudes or religious beliefs on sex before marriage .This can be because teenagers become sexually active from a young age and don’t have the proper knowledge on how to protect themselves. In some cases teenage pregnancy is a result of rape. Substance abuse: This is the overuse or abuse of illegal and even legal substances that is associated with the consumption of mind – and – behaviour altering substances that have negative behavioural and health outcomes. This can be the use of cocaine, marijuana cannabis, or the abuse of alcohol. 15 % of South Africa’s population has a drug problem, 35 % of High School children have admitted to drinking recklessly. Road use: This can be described as the actions that we take while on roads. This can be driving without a seat belt, riding in stolen cars, drinking and driving, driving without a licence, etc. THIS TABLE SHOWS THE NUMBER AND PERCENTAGE OF RECORDED ROAD TRAFFIC ACCIDENT DEATHS YEAR| NO. OF DEATHS| %|

2001| 3915| 88,0|
2002| 3409| 93,1|
2003| 4171| 93,4|
2004| 4764| 90,9|
2005| 4686| 85.9|
2006| 4585| 80,9|
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