The Flexner Report

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The Flexner Report
Mark E Welch
Ultimate Medical Academy

The Flexner Reports’ importance and it’s implication on today’s medical schools cannot be understated. Prior to the report being completed and released, many medical schools had little in common with one another and did not provide the adequate training needed to produce well rounded and educated doctors. After the report was released in 1910, it took only until the 1920’s for major reform to occur. This new curriculum and its basic core are being used in today’s schools of medicine.

These basic changes to the curriculum were adapted for medical schools that were not forced to close due to the report. These changes included the separation of the sciences for first and second year students and third and fourth year students, a dedication to lecture based learning, independent courses taught in different departments and perhaps one of the most important changes; the implementation of the Clerkship years that rounded out the education.

Throughout the years following, medical schools have evolved due to these initial changes. Many of today’s schools have evolved into Academic Health Centers which offers the student the opportunity to work in a thriving multifaceted hospital environment such as the University of Miami Medical Center which is integrated with Jackson Memorial Hospital. This vast system of specialist’s, general medicine, a trauma ER as well as other practices is essential to the growth of the students that study at the university. Without the Flexner Report, AHC campuses may not have come into existence.

By setting a standard method of learning for all students to follow, the report achieved a major victory. All graduating students and future physicians would have similar training upon beginning their practice. The existence of doctors that had inadequate training or improper credentials was eliminated. The quality of medical care increased dramatically.

The curriculum...
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