The Fire Within

Topics: Magic, Protagonist, Debut albums Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: April 1, 2013
The fire within is a non-fiction children’s book. Written by Chris d’Lacy this quirky book also includes a bit of fantasy and drama. It is set in present time with the main character being a young man about 20 who is a lodger with a small family that consists of Liz, the mother and Lucy, the hyperactive imaginative little seven year old girl. As soon as David (the lodger) enters the home he knows there is something a little weird about this family because no normal family he knows of has clay models of dragons sitting on every window sill and in every corner of their house. On top of that he is pretty sure that no clay model should hiss… Soon David finds himself plunged into a magical world where dragons can become real, if you really believe. Of course there is bound to be some conflict between humans and dragons, but not the sort of physical conflict you would think. You find that throughout the book the only conflict that occurs between David and the dragons is right at the start when he is not really sure if he believes or not, they tend to toy with him a little bit make him irritated at not just them but with himself. David conflicts within his own mind sometimes, he can’t decide whether to let his guard down and believe and fully embrace that these clay models come to life at night, or whether to stay logical. Although in this text the dragons are small clay models they still share some of the same physical characteristics that the stereotypical fire breathing dragons have. Such as green, turquoise scales with a tall, slim body and a long tail with four sets of wings (two small wings and two huge ones) and spiky flag-like scales that run down their backs. As for their personality that is the opposite. They are quite nice dragons willing to help whenever help is needed, their only fault is that they get up to a bit of mischief in the night! The humans are described as good people with good and strong values and morals. They are very suspicious though, like...
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