The Fight Against Media’s Body Image

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The Fight Against Media’s Body Image
When most people think of eating disorders they tend to think of young teenage girls with their bones popping out of their body. Most people never think about how those teens get the idea of an eating disorder. It just doesn’t happen overnight with one bad dream, but always being bombarded to look good, to try the newest diet, to look good for a dream man are the causes. It’s from magazines and TV shows that are showing very thin girls getting everything they wanted in life. Most of those magazines photographs are touched up, girls have hours put into their hair and makeup to look that perfect. That is one thing that most young girls know but don’t realize. Show business needs to change their way of thought about beauty and bring in more natural looking girls and use a lot less Photoshop. Some studies show that boys and girls think closely about the media forcing them into thinking about dieting and this then encourages them to have an eating disorder. According to Z. Lawrie, E. A. Sullivan, P. S. W. Davies and R. J. Hill study called, “Media Influence on the Body Image of Children and Adolescents” boys are unsure / disagree that the media portrays a message of a slimmer and more muscular body, where the girls agree that the media inspires to have a slimmer body. Now the boys disagree / strongly disagree that the media try’s for gained weight. The girls on the other hand disagree / strongly disagree that the media inspires them to gain weight. They do agree with the boys that the media does not influence them to be more muscular. When people think of teens with eating disorders they hardly ever think of boys but boys too have eating disorders more so than they did 20 years ago. There are many studies out there showing that boys too have eating disorders. In the study called, “Relations of Eating Disorder Symptomology with Perceptions of Pressures from Mother, Peers, and Media in Adolescent Girls and Boys” written by Kathleen A. Peterson, Sharon E. Paulson, and Kristen K. Williams, they had a total of 144 males partake in the study. In the 2nd Table they show that the boys feel that they receive more pressure from the media to diet than girls do. Boys received a .45 feeling pressure into dieting from the media where on the other hand girls only received a .41. As it is shown girls are not the only gender that has issues with their body. Most people never realize how fast food and junk food companies market to teens, according to Kathy Ishizuka and Kate Houston Mitchoff within their review of different websites helping to inform people and help teens that struggle with eating disorders. Ishizuka and Mitchoff tell how the food companies are, “sending mixed messages to teens by promoting high fat and sugar products with using very thin models”(Mitchoff and Ishizuka). They are right according to this website, “The average child watches 10,000 food advertisements per year on television” and most of the actors on these advertisements are very skinny and are showing a very different message. When the kids eat those foods and don’t look the way the people do on the TV they get disappointed and some if not most will start some type of eating disorder just to look like those people. 69% of girls in 5th-12th grade reported that magazine pictures influenced their idea of a perfect body shape ( According to the same website, only 5% of girls in the United States have this “perfect body”. The 64% other girls are just killing themselves to be like this very same percentage of Americans. 81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat (! Ten year olds should be afraid of the dark not how they look on the other side. On Tuesday November 4th at 10pm on CBS there will be the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Now that the show is not live and has been taped weeks in advanced people can Google it and see some of the models in action. These girls that model...
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